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Colin F
Lotto Systems Tester Creator & Analyst
Lotto Systems Tester Creator & Analyst
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Quote Colin F Replybullet Topic: Greetings and raison d’etre for this site
    Posted: November 10 2004 at 7:21am

Through this site I will present my past and ongoing findings from years of research into the random numbers as in the various Lotto games starting in December 2001. The Forum format gives you the opportunity to contribute or comment and your copyright is respected.

This site is maintained as a center of information to rebut the misinformation that is rife on the web about using systems or programs to play Lotto and as a place where those simply interested in the numbers aspect of Lotto can find others with a similar interest.

Reasoned argument supporting or rebutting what I or others have posted is encouraged as are relevant questions. Whilst the forum is not elitist it is also not geared to pandering to the lowest common denominator. It would be wise to just look for a while and read and absorb what has been said before jumping in; the writer is familiar with Probability and Combinatorics as applicable to Lotto - so read before you lecture. If you are a Lotto Loony I suggest there are more appropriate Lotto Forums for you to air your wares or converse with your fellow loonies. 

The centerpiece of this Forum is the Computer Model I created to enable me to test any Lotto System that uses some kind of calculation or arrangement of the pool of numbers to play against either actual Lotto Histories or my own Random Generated Numbers.

The objectives are quite simple.

  1. To debunk the utter nonsense that has been put forward in this field for so long.
  2. To provide unbiased and tested information for anyone that may be looking for just that.
  3. To continue the quest, approaching it in a positive manner to see if one can improve on the percentage return from picking Lotto numbers by Random Selections which is regarded as the benchmark.
  4. To make sure that your method of play returns to you what you are entitled to per probability calculations.

From my research I believe some Lotto Systems on average perform better than Random Selections by a small margin, in other words a tweaking effect - those that claim magnificent returns are quite simply con artists. I realize that is not in the main what people want to hear - they want to know how to win the lottery and such information does not now and never will exist for the simple reason that the lottery could not then operate profitably for the operator - the return is determined by the randomness and is accurately calculated by probability formulae. If you disagree with that fact now then some time in the future, with your pockets a bit lighter you may care to return to this site with a more receptive mind frame. 

On a personal level I am laying claim as of March/April 2005 to be the first to prove unequivocally that the efficacy of 5 tenets of Lotto Combination filtering and generation have no basis in fact whatsoever, even though they are still being espoused:-

  1. Sums Filtering has no basis in fact. 
  2. Odds and Evens Filtering has no basis in fact.  
  3. Numerical Order Filtering has no basis in fact.
  4. Choosing some numbers over others has no basis in fact.
  5. The efficacy of a Cover or Wheel with Guarantee or Abbreviated Wheel with Coverage optimized as being superior in performance and guarantees to random selections is false.
(For 1 to 3 this simply means I have gone to the trouble of proving it as applicable to Lotto as it contravenes Probability Theory dating from over 300 years ago.)
Further, enticements to use any Wheel other on the basis of a guarantee to get a 3 Win if such and such occurs is nothing other than a Con Trick. LET ME SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR - PLAYING ONLY 57 COMBS PER DRAW IN A 6/49 LOTTO WITH QUICKPICKS YOU WILL AVERAGE AT LEAST 1 WIN PER DRAW. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY 163 TICKETS OR WHATEVER PER DRAW TO GET THIS.

Generally speaking, I have yet to come across any method that on the face of it makes other than a marginal improvement over Random Selections and that improvement may well be within the ambit achievable by Random Selections. However, it is possible, quite easily, to get less than what you are entitled to when picking your own numbers such as an excessive repetition of sub sets like threes, fours or fives in your play set - these can reduce your percentage return by as much as 50%.

Through this Forum I will make you aware of under performing Lotto Systems when compared to Random Selections no matter what the strident and outrageous claims of their promoters.

I'm not adverse to having a few buns thrown at someone but the line is very firmly drawn when someone's integrity is questioned without foundation. If you are a professional person or an identity within the Lotto Scene and hold views opposed to mine or another registered poster then your status will be respected and you may determine the level of argument, which will be enforced by me.

Tirades and conspiracy theories against Lottery Operators are not welcome (balls are biased, programmed against me etc) and are soon erased but other contributions of a light hearted or factual content are welcome in the appropriate Forum. A good article will be permanently displayed.

I should also point out, that like a few others that have spent 1,000's of hours in this field, there is some information about what doesn't work that we don't get into simply because they are not deserving of any credibility. Examples would be numerology, the occult etc which are all easily proved wrong. Also various fraudsters appear on Lotto Forums or Newsgroups from time to time espousing something which we know to be just plain untrue - they don't work with the scientific method even though they may say they do. Whenever I come across such a person I simply point out to others that what they say is untrue and leave it at that. The reason for that is because usually what they are espousing is accompanied by a jumble of incomprehensible waffle which no sane person could hope to address.

I hope you benefit from the information.

Colin Fairbrother


Lotto Draws have no relationship to one another; the integers serve just as identifiers. Any prediction calculation on one history of draws for a same type game is just as irrelevant as another.
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